Monday, 21 February 2011

New Website and Beta Launch

Today the 21st, 95 years ago, the furious battle of Verdun commenced. Honoring that event we proudly announce the start of the beta-testing and the launch of the new website.

We have created a new functioning platform that will be the epicenter of the beta testing and future launches of the Verdun. From today onwards we will invite community members, clans and friends to join us in testing, playing and building the Verdun.

We have chosen to gradually build up the website and its features. We started with the foundations: A functioning in-game/web account system, auto-patcher, Internationalization and web platform.
But there is a lot of work left. We have planned extensive statistics and tournaments, a new integrated forum and community system. On top of that players will be able to raise a regiment with friends. Enough to look forward to!

For this occasions we esembled some screenshots and footage from gameplaytests ealier, showcasing the new map we are constructing for the beta called "Crater". Inspired by the Argonne mine crater at "Haute Chevauchee".

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Announcing Verdun Online

We are proud to finally start a fresh with new public relation activities. Today, celebrating the historic ending of World War I (92 years ago on 11th of November 1918), we will start informing you about the progress and development from our game.

It has been a wonderful journey so far. The original plans of this game were made in the autumn of 2006. We had a long lasting development on the ogre3D engine until in 2008 we took initiative to move to the Unity3D engine. From that day onwards the in-game features have grown to what it is today. With the help of a small team of volunteers and professionals we have been able to pull of a working first person shooter. Alpha testing began last year and after graphical and mechanical updates we are on the brink of yet another mayor milestone.
As told earlier, this is a special day, and to make it even more special we prepared some exclusive in-game material as an appetizer.

Last but certainly not least we have an all exclusive video of in game material!
The Video shows a small 1v1 match by 2 developers on a grim trench map. In the video the melee system, sniping and iron sighting are demonstrated. Weapons that can be seen are the 07/15 Berthier (with and without sniper scope) , the ruby pistol and the mp18. We acknowledge that there are some graphical glitches as well as some recording flaws. It must also be noted that the gameplay as shown (the sub-machine gun battle) does not reflect the gameplay as can be expected in a final version.

The development team hopes verdun has catched your eye. Please stay tuned for more information regarding development updates, beta testing and releases. But remember folks: "It is done when it is done"